Restorative Practices Workshops

Restorative Practices builds strong children and positive school cultures by fostering healthy relationships and providing a way back when those relationships are damaged through harm.

Led by International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) trainers and can be applied to training requirements for certification.

Intro to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively 

Explore the continuum of informal to formal Restorative conversations including concepts around fair process, organization change window, the compass of shame and affective questions. Receive hands-on training including participating in circles and practicing circle facilitation.

Facilitating Restorative Conferences

Learn how to facilitate a formal, scripted circle process to address the repair of harm, bullying, cyberbullying, racial incidents, theft, vandalism and other serious infractions. Understand the steps required to conduct a restorative justice conference, from determining the participation readiness of victims, offenders, their families and friends to running the formal meeting itself.

Restorative Practices: Circle Training for Secondary Students

Designed for middle and high school student teams this training will give students the confidence to facilitate Circles with peers, younger students and even adults.

Restorative Re-entry

Learn how to establish a process for designing protocols for informal or formal re-entry after an absence due to travel, illness or misbehavior.

Restorative Practices Primer

Learn the strategies of Restorative Practices and how it builds strong school communities by fostering healthy relationships and providing a way back when those relationships are damaged.

Restorative Practices Academy 

This four-series Restorative Practices Academy is designed for team of school leaders interested an in-depth look into establishing a Restorative Practices mindset. 
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