Trauma Informed

A school community that recognizes and responds to those who have been impacted by toxic stress creates a culture of mutual respect for the experiences of everyone, open communication and empathy.

Moving from Awareness to Application

This series of workshops can be taken individually throughout the year or as a 2-day series in June 2019.

Social-Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Discover common practices that both foster social-emotional development and support trauma-informed classrooms.

Looking at the Glass through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Learn how to view education through a trauma-informed lens and leave with strategies to apply this framework to classroom and building-wide practices.

Self-Care: It’s Okay to be Selfish – January 30, 2019

We begin the school year strong and finish it strained. Create the counter-narrative and plans for carrying it to fruition from day 1 to 180. Learn strategies for creating an infrastructure for staff to finish strong and individual accountability for organizational goals and student growth goals.

Student Success Rests on Real Relationships – January 30, 2019

Learn how to balance authority and student autonomy as well as strategies to partner with students for their success.

Trauma Sensitive Academy – Begins January 10, 2019

This four-part cohort learning will combine regional experts around Trauma and exemplars from the St. Louis Region, in a step-by-step learning collaborative that will enhance your overall knowledge and practices through a trauma-informed lens.

Trauma Informed Primer – March 12, 2019

Becoming a trauma-informed school requires a multi-pronged approach to create a culture of mutual respect for the experiences of everyone, open communication and empathy.  Understanding trauma is a process, this primer is the first step.

We offer on-site options to help build Trauma Informed capacity within your school or district:

Trauma Inventory: Discover strengths and challenges with implementation of a trauma-informed school, set learning priorities for stakeholders and determine next steps.

Trauma Took Kit: To identify purpose and process for achieving school specific trauma-informed aims identified by school leadership as priorities.

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