Friends of CharacterPlus

The Friends of Character Plus was established in 2005 to bring together supportive community members
who believe in the importance of character education.

Our mission is to help CharacterPlus®, a resource of EducationPlus™,

expand its role in the community, specifically with parents of school aged children,

and to support all functions of the CharacterPlus organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Friends of CharacterPlus

What is CharacterPlus? 

CharacterPlus, a resource of EducationPlus™ (formerly Cooperating School Districts), is committed to building strong school communities where students feel valued and can succeed. To do this, CharacterPlus helps educators instill positive character traits in students – such as responsibility and respect – through character education. This is accomplished by teaching, encouraging and living these values in every aspect of school life. Studies have proven that when character education is integrated into curriculum and throughout the school, academic performance increases and behavior problems such as bullying decrease. Founded in 1988 by Sandy McDonnell, CharacterPlus is the largest community-wide character education initiative in the country and serves more than 330,000 students, 30,000 teachers, 600 schools and 70 districts throughout Missouri and parts of Illinois and Kansas. The organization offers educators a series of workshops, networking, conferences and advanced training about using character education to transform school culture. Find more information at, or call 314.692.1215. CharacterPlus is on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Friends of CharacterPlus, 1460 Craig Rd., St. Louis, MO 63146.

What is Friends of CharacterPlus and why was it created? 

Friends of CharacterPlus was founded in 2005 by Veronica McDonnell to increase awareness of the CharacterPlus program in the schools where it was being utilized and also to the community at large. During the founding of CharacterPlus it was thought best to not publicize the name of the program. However, after years of success in area schools, it was decided that CharacterPlus should be recognized as the organization responsible for the positive results in schools and throughout the community.

How does Friends of CharacterPlus interact with CharacterPlus? 

Friends of CharacterPlus promotes, sponsors and raises awareness of the critical work undertaken by CharacterPlus through various marketing strategies. The Friends group also provides scholarships for educators to attend CharacterPlus sponsored workshops, conferences and training participating CharacterPlus Way schools. The Friends of CharacterPlus also funds special needs of the organization through a grant process.

The Friends of CharacterPlus’ 501 (c)(3) designation allows CharacterPlus to apply for grants that require this designation since CharacterPlus’ nonprofit status is the same as a school district. 

How is it funded?

Friends of CharacterPlus is funded through donations, memberships to the organization and through ticket sales from the Friends Fall Party held annually in November. Friends of CharacterPlus also holds other special events to raise funds for the organization.

How is the Friends of CharacterPlus governed?

Friends of CharacterPlus is run by a board of trustees made up of a diverse group of community volunteers helmed by the executive committee, which includes the president, vice president, assistant vice president, treasurer, secretary, immediate past president and founder. Find the current list of board of trustees members here.

How can I learn more about Friends of CharacterPlus? 
You may download our membership enrollment form or read the Friends of CharacterPlus annual report.
Or call Claudia McMillin at 314.692.1215.
Friends of CharacterPlus FAQ download 


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