Schools of Character

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The Schools of Character Certification recognizes schools who have successfully created caring, high-achieving environments where young people are inspired to become engaged, upstanding citizens who want to make a positive impact in the world.

25% of all National Schools of Character are CharacterPlus members. 

Using the 11 Principles of Character as a guideline, school leaders submit a self-assessment, along with a portfolio of work that demonstrates how their character education program had a positive impact on academic achievement, student behavior and school climate.

Schools of Character typically experience:

Increase in test scores and academic improvement
Decline in disciplinary incidents and bullying
Higher attendance and graduation rates
Strong community and stakeholder engagement

As the Missouri affiliate for this certification, CharacterPlus guides school leaders through the application and manages the evaluation process, which includes a site visit and a detailed, in-depth feedback report. A recognition ceremony is hosted annually for all recipients to celebrate this achievement and acknowledge the investment of time and effort to receive this prestigious designation.

We offer workshops to help our member schools with this application process:

Introduction to the State Schools of Character Process

Learn about the Eleven Principles of character education and the application process for the State Schools of Character designation. Learn what works and how to positively impact your school culture!

State Schools of Character: Application Writing Support – November 8

Learn best practices in application writing and the latest updates to the process for State School of Character designation. Receive real-time feedback on your draft application and documentation.

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